Jonathan Erickson


I offer coaching for musical improv and long-form narrative improv. For musical improv, I help develop voice, group synchrony, rhythm, harmony, and team-specific templates for song structure and choreographed group numbers. For long-form narrative, I help groups collectively tell compelling, character-driven stories with a beginning, middle, and end. For groups specifically focused on developing comedy skills, I'm probably not the best fit.

About me: I took my first improv class in 1995 and have been in love with the arts ever since. I've written, directed, and performed in theatre and film in New York and Los Angeles, and in recent years have shifted my creative energies toward musical improv and writing novels. I earned my PhD in depth psychology by researching and writing a dissertation on creative imagination, and I also have an MFA in creative writing. Creativity, storytelling, and communal music making are my soul food.


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